The essence of a Macmo Moment™!

Dr. Evil may have Mini-Me, but in a twist of fate that the Belgian uber-baddie and his pint-sized sidekick would approve of, macmocakes have created the altogether more appealing minimo™ range.

Our signature morsels, these dainties are sure to delight. Each minimo is carefully crafted and lovingly decorated to create a miniature work of edible art.RoseBudCakes

They can de designed in any style and colour you require, and are becoming increasingly popular for children’s parties (where they can be topped with a tiny teddybear or sport a mini racing Mini).

They go down just as well at more grown-up gatherings – they make fantastic favours for weddings, and can be offered instead of a wedding cake. A host of minimos makes for a real spectacle, and each wedding guest can receive a more personalised portion. Sadly, they tend not to last long…

In addition to the minimo cubes, macmocakes also create a range of LadyCakes (scrumpious little vixens!), well suited to less formal occasions; and a more traditional range of Rose BudCakes, which are also ideal for wedding parties.

Minimos are sponge-based cakes (and chocolate-free), but if you really can’t resist a little Belgian, why not check out our celebration cakes.