Macmocakes: macmo make cakes

Cakes: they’re what we do!

We’ve put this site together to give you just a flavour of what we can do for you in the cake department. We make bespoke cakes for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, retirement parties, leaving “dos” – you name it, if you need a cake to help you and your friends celebrate, macmocakes can help.

It’s very rare for two of our cakes to be identical, because we can customise so many aspects of them to suit your needs: size (the number of portions you can serve); shape; flavour (including combinations of different sponges and fillings for tiered cakes); colours; style of icing – dozens of combinations mean lots of unique cakes.

We do have distinct ranges though, and examples of each are represented here on the website. Use the icons on the right hand side (or click the headings below) to see more in each category. We’ll also be adding more examples as we create them!

Tiered cakes

Ideal for weddings and other events where you want to feed (and impress!) a lot of people, our tiered cakes can be customised to reflect your wedding’s theme, colours and style.

Seasonal cakes

There seem to be more and more calendar dates to mark every year, and you don’t always have the time, energy or inclination to make a cake to mark the occasion. Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and for any other seasonal cake you need – make it a macmo moment!


Our signature range, these deliciously different and beautifully individual treats are perfect for children’s parties, dinner parties with friends, or any other celebration where giving each guest their own personalised or unique mini-cake will act as a gift in its own right. Minimos are so moreish you’ll be looking for any excuse to bag a few!

Cookies, biscuits and favours

Minimos make great favours for weddings, but we also create less elaborate (and thus more affordable for larger numbers) biscuits that make great treats for your guests. Colourful, tasty and unusual, check out our gingerbread and shortbread fancies – guaranteed to raise a smile!

Celebration cakes

Last but by no means least, a birthday is always a good excuse to celebrate, and our bespoke birthday cakes will add some fun and flair to any party. Equally suitable for other occasions where some self-indulgence is required!