Biscuits with Bite

In the words of the world’s most famous Gingerbread Man…

…Eat me!

At macmocakes we provide a wide range of Gingerbread and Shortbread figures, and while none of them have their own page at Wikipedia (yet), or lovely gumdrop buttons, all are stars in their own right with Vibrancy, Fun and Delicious Tastiness – locked in! cookies_wedding

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from Dragonflies to Risqué Lingerie. Wedding Favours are a popular option too, where lovehearts can be inscribed with the happy couple’s names, or they can be used as place settings. They’ve also proved to be popular ice-breakers at parties, where a pair of Ginger Knickers will always provide an amusing conversation starter – finally, a pair of edible knickers you can share!

All our biscuits are available in Gingerbread or Shortbread (Lemon, Plain or Vanilla flavours available). All our cookies can be personalised, in either shape or inscription, and sent out by mail. Just contact us by email.

If you’re happy and you know it

Order a macmocakes cake! Birthdays, retirement parties, family reunions, graduations, engagements, winning the lottery – any occasion that calls for a celebration deserves one of our celebration cakes. OK, we would say that, but we think you’ll agree we’ve some pretty tempting treats on offer. Just don’t necessarily order one to celebrate your success at the WeightWatchers class…

Seasonal cakes & biscuits.

A cake for all seasons and festive fun for everyone

macmocakes aren’t like Santa’s elves, with just one holiday a year to cater for, oh no. We’re busy all year round, conjuring the food of love for Valentine’s, making Mother’s Day, rolling Easter extravaganzas… whenever there’s an annual celebration going on, we’re thinking up new and original ways to reflect the season’s greetings in cake or biscuit form! So, if you’re looking for this year’s must-have Christmas cake (chocolate is the new black), make a date with macmocakes. The top of your surprise would be to accompany your lovely Christmas cake with a special present for your soulmate – you can find a lot of Xmas gift ideas at www.xmasgiftsforher.cacake16

From top left to right: The dark desires of a (sinfully seductive) Cake for Chocolate Lovers; let it snow – Christmas biscuits; chocolates and flowers, these ones fit for Mother’s Day; bright as a summer’s day, our Flower Tower; star-spangled manna, a cake-and-biscuit feast.

From bottom left to right : Christmas decorations that will be the stars of the show; Easter biscuits that will have them jumping for joy; painted eggs ideal for hunting; more biscuits with punch from macmocakes; Christmas trees for your festive spree.

With our ability to create bespoke biscuits and favours tailor-made for you and your party, your wedding, birthday party or other celebration will be as tasty as it is unique. Our examples here are shiny and sassy, but if you need something a little more reserved, that’s fine too. Contact us and let’s discuss why Macmocakes means “You never have to risk it with a biscuit”!